rythmic gymnastics

rythmic gymnastics-----Sometimes it's hard to believe what you're seeing.

Bathing boxes - Brighton Beach - ★★★ Next summer why not Take It All Off? 3 day weekend or 3 MONTHS Off!

Bathing boxes line the beach at Brighton, Victoria, Australia (© J C Mitchell/Getty Images)(Bing Canada)

Take a swim school with the turtles #bundaberg #turtles

Lady Elliot Island is one of the best places in Australia to tick off that bucket list entry - swim with a green turtle.

Bundaberg hatches thousands of baby turtles [gallery]

Did you know that nests laid in warmer sand produce more females while cooler sand produced more boys? The dark, gritty sand at Mon Repos means they get lots of girls!

Sugarcane fields just outside Bundaberg. #roadtrip

Sugarcane fields just outside Bundaberg.

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