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Jimin And Jungkook though

Inspiring image army, bts, kpop, meme, bighit by Bobbym - Resolution - Find the image to your taste

Tae the Kdrama life getting all up in your head XD XD

Tae the Kdrama life getting all up in your head XD XD Mehr

When taehyung got lost hours away in the middle of nowhere haha

BTS Bon voyage {lol XD} Dudes, I was laughing so hard. They were really freaking out when they discovered that Tae got lost

Usually in these moments I relate more to Tae... however it just so happens to be one of those few times that i honestly don't know what he's doing.

Wow someone I can relate to, except I talk to people when I'm sitting on the toilet

You know what? It was out of 50 for one of my exams. Someone got 48.5 as highest and the lowest score someone got was 0.5

Hahahah I think I would die if I got a 47 on a test << I think my parents would be the ones who kill me for getting a

Omg this fits perfectly right down to Jimin's unimpressed expression!

Even his name as a password is short. He's just a smol wittow angel