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Gucci Soho leather disco bag
The Little Black Bra - everyone should own one or five!
Black Pleated Maxi Skirt, leather jacket and everything on here
In love with this bag, it's so perfectly simplistic and could be used in every circumstance
#StreetStyle The black moto jacket! Get yours at
#street #fashion fall outfit monochromatic @wachabuy
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Mustard Mask for Longer Hair  You will need:  2 Tbl Spoons of ground mustard (I actually buy a mustard powder in Russian store, used US as well, but Russian seems to have more bite, though both kinds work)  2 Tbl spoons of hot water  2 Tbl spoons of any oil (I use either olive or burdock root depending on what I have)  1 egg yolk  2 T spoons of sugar