Bakeproof: Apples : SBS Food

The combination of sweet caramelised apple and earthy hazelnuts is heavenly in these puddings. Serve them topped with a generous dollop of cream or scoop of vanilla ice-cream for a truly comforting winter dessert.

Bakeproof: Scones : SBS Food

Scones might have a reputation for being tricky to make, but in reality they're fast and simple, especially when you have a good recipe like this one! our trust is in your butter-pinching hands.

Bakeproof: Scones : SBS Food

Even though these chocolate, coffee and raisin rolls are based on a scone dough, they resemble more a cakey biscuit. Just go ahead and bake them, you won't be disappointed! Recipe from baking maestro

Bakeproof: Coconut : SBS Food

Anneka Manning's are destined for dunking. Add chopped dark chocolate or pitted dates to the mixture if you want extra oomph. Check out our Bakeproof column for tips and recipes.

Bakeproof: Moroccan spice : SBS Food

Often savoury, briouats are traditionally fried. This sweet almond version is baked and generously soaked in honey – addictive in the best kind of way.