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Teen Wolf

Whoever wrote this does not understand that Lydia is a girl or that 'a hero can died' is not proper English.

I'll take the sarcastic scrawny one please

I'll take the one whos sarcastic and over protective of their jeep oh and only has his sarcasm and a damn baseball bat for his only defence thanks very much

Teen Wolf - Scallison

Teen Wolf - Scallison That scene when he signed her name made me so sad.

Stiles' really gets to me, because he is the only person there that doesn't not have a special ability, only when he was void and that was evil. Stiles is such a warrior, and he never really gets credit for everything he does.

"Not all queens have crowns" "Not all heroes wear capes" "Not all angels have wings" "Not all warriors wear armor" "Not all werewolves have brilliant golden yes"

baby blanket to knit -

Levi's Baby Blanket free knit pattern - LOVE this heart cable! This is beautiful but the pattern is so hard to read. I wish it were written out somehow.

Nursery Tour With Jennifer Of VONBON |

Tell us about the design inspiration for your daughter’s nursery! Did you always have an ideal space planned, or did the room develop organically? Being in the baby industry, I am immersed in nursery design and décor.