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The bridge is a cool idea for Harper so she could go down the side pretty easy too

Mighty Swings Club House(shown with options) Built with Neighborhood Meetings, Camp-outs, Batman Hide outs, Kitchen Play &. A tiny house/study pod for an NYU Professor….on wheels

This tiny rail car is more typical than Flora's mansion on wheels. Relaxshacks dot com: A tiny house/study pod for an NYU Professor….on wheels

Pathways and dens inspire playfulness. Nature Play NZ

Pathways and dens inspire playfulness.add open ended, multi purpose area like this instead of the grass in center of yard?

DIY Outdoor Easel for Kids

DIY Outdoor Easel for Kids.easy to make and countless possibilities for outdoor play and creativity! I always loved when the kids would paint pictures on glass on Sesame Street, it was my favorite part. I would love this for my monkeys!

The Outdoor Classroom Provocations & Beautiful Materials Take a moment and picture this … Jake and Ian rush down the sidewalk racing yellow trucks. Elise relaxingly swings in the shady hammock. Emyrsen and Cassie talk beneath a tree, begin to laugh, and run off. Sloane uses all her might to roll a tire up the …

Outdoor Provocations & Beautiful Materials are part of Reggio inspired Play (Via The Willow School)