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Not sure why I can't stop laughing at this

the turtle said remember me and so on so the turtle tells a knock knock joke seal responds and said who`s there turtle said i thought you remember me

Funny pictures of the day (61 pics) - I’m Sorry To Bother You But The Bird Feeder Is Empty

Squirrel: I'm sorry to bother you but the bird feeder is empty. (A squirrel, my mother named Petey, once got on the porch railing and rang the doorbell because he wanted some peanuts!) Now I call all squirrels, "Petey"

“I may have overestimated how large this box was.” | 22 Cats Who Went Too Far With Their "If I Fits, I Sits" Motto

New Cool gifs gallery of the hour! If you like the GIFs of this post – New Cool gifs gallery of the hour, and other photos & images on.

funny cat

33 Animal GIFs That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh.most of them did make me laugh aloud.

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Funny pictures about Doing Things Under Pressure. Oh, and cool pics about Doing Things Under Pressure. Also, Doing Things Under Pressure photos.

funny basketball players NBA eyebrows

He PAID to copyright a saying about his eyebrows.or brow.I think it was like "Fear the Brow" or something.


Cats are simply the best pets, they make us laugh all the time! Try not to laugh if you can! Just look how all these cats & kittens play, fail, get along wit.