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BlackBerry were the first brand to take the exclusive advertising rights on the branded changing cabins on the public beaches of Dubai. The cabins have integrate solar powered 4G/LTE WiFi hotspots. The system works on a social wifi basis and allows companies to capitalise on the benefits of social networking. Anyone using the internet service on the Beach is required to simply ‘like’ the relevant Facebook page or ‘tweet’ about their location to gain access.

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Interactive beard-board features remote-controlled strands of hair that grow with each Facebook 'Like'. South Africa, April 2012.

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New York City's Mood-Reading Billboard Smiles Or Frowns (You Decide)

Billboard for Jell-O constantly studies the ratio of happy and sad emoticons on Twitter, then uses the ever-changing data to make a face on the ad smile or frown. If the majority of Twitter users are posting the :) symbol, a man's face on billboard grins. When the majority are posting the :( symbol, the advertisement grimaces. New York, 2011.

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Europcar's #myextrahour campaign brings Twitter into the real world - Social Media

Europcar launched a live digital outdoor campaign to raise awareness of its new FreeDeliver service, which offers customers free delivery and pickup of hired cars. To celebrate the fact that this essentially gives people an hour of their time back, they introduced a digital billboard that features a livestream of tweets using the hashtag #myextrahour, where people share what they are going to do with the extra hour they got back, thanks to Europcar. UK, 2011.

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KLM Airline used Twitter, Facebook and FourSquare to find people flying with them. They researched the selected travellers online, found them at the airport and gave them a gift especially chosen for their trip. 'KLM Surprise', Amsterdam, Nederlands.

In 2007, the Clean City Law removed the out-of-home media from Sao Paulo. In 2013, it returned in an orderly manner with Otima. But how did a media that was away for 6 years from Sao Paulo prove its efficiency? PS10 Saa Paulo created Come Back Mari. A fake apology request from a guy named Mozi to a girl, Mari. It was promoted only on the Otima bus shelters, for a week. A viral campaign that moved Sao Paulo and showed that out-of-home media is more efficient than ever.

MISEREOR makes giving easier with an inventive poster that takes credit card. Agency: Kolle Rebbe Hamburg.

JCDecaux has launched a Twitter-driven book club in the UK to connect with commuters and use its digital screens in stations to enhance commuters' journeys. The @RailBookClub account has been live for six weeks and has around 1,600 followers. The account retweets book recommendations from its community of commuters.