The Kitchen Garden

The Aravina kitchen gardens are just one of the many new developments that the estate has gone under. Executive Chef Tony Howell uses the seasonal produce in many of the dishes on the menu, ensuring delicious, organic cuisine.
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The Aravina kitchen garden is filling up with lush, delicious fruit and veggies!
Love this shot over looking the Aravina kitchen gardens and the lake!
Chefs garden
Two days in Yallingup, Part 2 - Aravina Estate (The Food Pornographer)
The Aravina kitchen team with the bounty of the on-site gardens, can't wait to see what they do it so much greenery!
These edible flowers will look beautiful in any salad by adding some colour to the mix!
The Aravina kitchen team hard at work in the gardens, picking the very best produce for the restaurant to use.
Yum! Those radishes look delicious! Wonder what Tony Howell plans on using them in?
The Aravina kitchen garden looks so lush and delicious, wonder what the kitchen team will do with all these amazing vegetables?
The cabbages as almost bursting out of the garden beds!