Ariel Baumgartner

Ariel Baumgartner

Ariel Baumgartner
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These 2 teachers created a free school under a bridge in New Delhi, India. These children have been receiving free education for the last 3 years using blackboards painted on building walls. The world needs more people like them.

We CAN all live in peace.

Both the Muslim and Christian religions preach peace and non-violence. More people need to realize that there are radicals everywhere and only one small group of people doesn't define a whole race or religion.

Two palestinian girls trying to go to school

Two Palestinian girls trying to go school through the racist Israeli apartheid wall. These girls represent the daily suffering of thousands of students and people trying to go to work.

Israhell soldier and two Palestinian children

Palestinian children (obviously terrorists) confronted by a brave Israeli 'soldier' defending himself. Guess which country paid for the gun and ammunition?

A little Palestinian girl vs. an Israeli soldier

WSJ: WINDING UP: A Palestinian girl tried to punch an Israeli soldier during a protest against the expansion of the nearby Jewish settlement of Halamish, in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah, Friday.

A Mother tries to comfort and protect her children during Israeli bombing of Gaza.

A Mother tries to comfort and protect her children during Israeli bombing of Gaza. The day before it was the same scene with Israeli mother holding her children. Eye for an eye you end up in the land of the blind.

Something to bring you a proper perspective. This is heartbreaking.

Staged photo: Orphaned Syrian Boy Sleeping Between His Parents’ Graves. As this image went viral people assumed it showed a child whose family had been killed during the conflict in Syria. Assume nothing and question everything.

Pray for peace in Syria

Slideshow, Horrors of War in Syria; FSA rebels are saying the campaign to cripple Assad's air power is key to saving lives and victory

Palestinian child surrounded by Israeli solders with guns...look closely at this picture...what if this was your child !!!... Haram, sinful...kd

Palestinian child surrounded by Israeli solders with guns.look closely at this picture.what if this was your child ! You don't have the heart.