Try a different twist on pancakes. Frank Camorra's recipe folds ricotta through the batter = super fluffy!

Once you have perfected your pancake cooking technique, you can start experimenting with different ingredients. Try folding ricotta through the batter, as here, .

Peanut butter pikelets with poached pear. Peanut butter is a sticky, delicious-tasting binding agent that works brilliantly for gluten free pancakes and slices.

Gluten free peanut butter pikelets and poached pears PLUS tips for baking gluten free and substituting ingredients to make the perfect gluten free recipe

Jill Dupleix's pancakes with dulce de leche.

How to make pancakes These thin, French-style pancakes are perfect for wrapping fillings but can also be served folded with lemon juice and sugar.

Jill Dupelix's Nutella pancake stack ... Yes, you should make this.

How to make pancakes? It's all about the batter. For fluffy pancakes you need self-raising flour or a raising agent. How to make pancakes better?

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