My Second Life

My second life in Second Life, the now 10 year old virtual platform where I'm fully busy walking in other people's dreams.
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A Departure 4

A Departure 4 - Landscape, Second Life

Of Whales and Merpeeps 6

Second Life, Oceans, Whales

Icy Bay 1

Icy Bay on Sansara. The link here (X) is to a good rezz spot on a neighbouring sim, Ross.

Wet Dreams 2

Sea, Second Life, Dreams, Photos

Pinehouse 2

Second Life, Photos

Sea Change 4

Whale Watching, Sea, Second Life, Photos

Empty Hills 3

Magic, Second Life, Chang'e 3, Photos

The Map Maker 4

Map Maker, The Map, Waterfall, Maps, Second Life, Photos, The O'jays