Curry Beef Triangles

Curry beef triangles

Yes! Try our curry beef pastries for a tasty starter that's easy on the purse.

Moroccan Filo Mince Rolls

Moroccan filo mince rolls

Arabic Food Recipes: Moroccan Recipe: Moroccan filo mince rolls - Recipe for Moroccan filo mince rolls

Filo Lamb Triangles

Filo lamb triangles

Unlock exotic aromas and fabulous flavours in these filo triangles.

Spinach And Ricotta Filo Triangles

Spinach and ricotta filo triangles

Vegetable Filo Spring Rolls

Vegetable filo spring rolls

These vegetable spring rolls make clever party pieces for even the most demanding crowd.

Lamb Shank Filo With Yoghurt Dipping Sauce

Lamb shank filo rolls with yoghurt dipping sauce