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Extroverts be all up in my hamster ball. This is great!

I think a lot us introverts forget to realize, that extroverts are the minority. We aren't alone in our anti-social bubbles, extroverts are alone outside them. Hug an extrovert today.

The misunderstood introvert

Life from an introvert's eyes :) With inspiring sketches. "I just appreciate silence in a world that never stops talking" The only times I stay at a party for more than an hour is if it's made up of a majority of friends of mine.

Loki and his feelings

It's widely believed that Loki hates his brother. All this "no matter how much he said he hates Thor." - it is everywhere in the fandom. But the fact is that he NEVER said it. *Tom Hiddleston even said that Loki never hated Thor!

Goodnight Me, By Tony Stark

Because I know Pablo would appreciate this version of Goodnight Moon. ----Goodnight Iron Man<<< I would so read this to my kids. Favourite kids book and one of my favourite avengers.

"Iron Man: With My Own Jarvis" by Athew (In comics canon, Jarvis was Tony's beloved butler and caretaker while he was growing up. When Jarvis died, Tony created JARVIS and programmed in Jarvis's personality and voice...)

"Iron Man-With my own Jarvis by ~Athew on deviantART (heart=broken!)" This is beautiful! Everytime I see Ironman, I, as an intellectual exercise mind you, plot to kidnap Paul Bettany and wall him, just to hear Jarvis.<=== oh my god you're my hero

Jarvis is the silent hero in Marvel. <-- I have to disagree. Like Tony, Jarvis is rarely silent. ;)

and Tony. Jarvis was base don Tony's butler in the comics who is described as being a father figure to him and the other Avengers.

Iron Man deleted scene with Tony Stark and JARVIS. -- I just have goosebumps and teary eye. thank you

Iron Man deleted scene with Tony Stark and JARVIS. -- I just have goosebumps and teary eye. thank you<<< Every single Iron Man scene that's been deleted from any of the movies are GOLD.

I always did wonder.....

How Tony Stark's Arc reactor was created for the Iron man and Avengers movies. This is why I love special effects makeup!

Medieval fantasy avengers...AWESOME

Funny pictures about The Avengers: Medieval Fantasy Style. Oh, and cool pics about The Avengers: Medieval Fantasy Style. Also, The Avengers: Medieval Fantasy Style photos.