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Asylum Born is an online store which specializes in unique, high quality, limited edition, urban vinyl, toys, art and collectibles by renowned artists and designers from around the world. For those who enjoy painting and customizing toys, we also carry a wide variety of blank DIY vinyl figures. Some of the designer toys we stock includes works by Shadoe Delgado. Joe Leadbetter, Ron, English, MadL and Frank Kozik.. We also have toys from KidRobot and Toy2R.
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Trexi Demoniark 10"
Grabbit - Wood Limited edition - run of 300. Certificate of Authenticity signed by Touma.
Knuckle Bear 18" (Touma) Limited edition.
Awesome Bear
"Dino Grenade" by Ron English
Urban Criminal Billy
Terror and Magnus - Regulat

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Gary Baseman, The Guest for Lladró Atelier
Dr. Slump Manga Vol.1 Ch.1 Page 1 | Vinyl Toys, Art, Culture, & Everything Inbetween: UME Toys's TMNT inspired piece for the "Modified Wool" Chima Group Custom Show!
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Mini trasher by Mark Jenkins