mystical ritigala

ritigala is undoubtedly an absorbing place to visit. mysterious in its own way Ritigala has a fascinating composition of rich history, legend and an environ which attracts you and keep you engaged to look deeper into its mysteries
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the massive roots of this thousand year old tree is at the border of the protected site of ritigala
the richness of ritigala's flora is simply amazing. the medicinal plants are never found anywhere outside of ritigala which connects to the legend of the ramayana tale
the library complex which is another important landmark which signifies the brilliance of the ritigala era.
the second resting point "gimanhala"
the rather steep steps which connects the different levels of ritigala
the ancient hospital, designed to treat monks in case of illness or injury
pathways and the surrounding trees
the granite steps surrounding the "banda pokuna" a vast pond which was a source for the monastery complex
pathway leading to the pond closer to the entrance of the mystical ritigala
the surrounding trees provides shelter from the sun and rain as ritigala has the highest rainfall in the whole of the dry zone making it another intricate point

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the footpaths leads to ancient structures where the monks resided. many stories evolve through deliberations
the pedestrian path made out of granite steps at the entrance leading to the interiors of ritigala
the pathways surrounded by trees provides shade and a tranquil environment. it reminds us that ritigala is about a spiritual journey
the first of the "gimanhala" a circular resting point is designed in a manner to provide a break from walking the steps. in the ancient times when monks lived in ritigala, the walking meditation technique was a supreme and thus natural resting points at different levels was important
tress over thousand years with its roots traveling in search of water traps
you are immediately attracted to the richness of flora and surroundings of ritigala.
Climb Sigiriya, the rock fortress, for an amazing view over the surrounding countryside.
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