Oceania Collection

AUTORE’s Oceania collection, which captivates the tropical undersea world – the birthplace of the pearl - features hand selected rare South Sea pearls combined with fancy coloured diamonds and precious stones in unusual colours and cuts. Each piece is highlighted by vibrant colour, articulation and multi function, and to hold them is to feel the creatures come alive in your hands. A story from beneath the ocean is carved in contrasting gold on the reverse side of each piece.
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AUTORE Coral Ring 18k Black Gold with Yellow Diamonds and South Sea Keshi pearls JR14080002

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AUTORE Coral Ring 18k White Gold with Pink Diamonds and White Keshi South Sea pearls JR14090002

AUTORE Ring 18k White & Black Gold, Tsavorite Garnet, Diamonds and South Sea Keshi pearls JR14030068

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