Gobi Desert, Mongolia And China

When thinking of deserts most people tend to think of hot, sandy expanses with dunes as far as the eye can see. This image is of course true for some deserts

Desert Sunset In Central Australia

Desert Sunset In Central Australia. it's just so beautiful!

Socotra Island, Yemen

Two Socotra Desert Rose or BottleTrees (Adenium obesum socotranum) , Socotra Island

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Petra & Wadi rum 2 days jeep tour from Local Experts at the Lowest Prices!

Atacama Desert, Chile

Explore Salar de Atacama (Atacama Salt Flat), Chile - Bucket List Dream from TripBucket

Painted Desert, Arizona

Moab Utah > Lakes Rivers Falls > Colorado River // Create your best outdoor vacation!

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