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Beautiful twins model the new Galia Lahav wedding couture line for They carry crafted umbrellas with their long lace dresses, and pose against metal doors in pearls and white gowns oozing of tulle.

Dream man..

10 Signs You’re Dating A Woman, Not A Girl // I read this and as much as I want to deny it but somehow I think I'm a woman, except for number I don't socialize (extreme introvert thing). Number 10 though is very accurate. Thus I'm woman.


What a great wedding day photo idea! Except the engagement ring is the and, and the wedding ring makes the Mrs.

Nobody cares about your excuses. Nobody pitted you for procrastinating.nobody is going to coddle you because you are lazy. It's your ass move it!


11 months and this could have been me.:( not even a year from being born in an awesome time.and now i am in the same group of the children born in 1999 that are "growing up" in the