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Recently, I had a civilian ortho Doctor ask if I had been airborne when I was in the army.  Puzzled ( that was 45 years ago) , I told him that I was.  He said the he could tell, because I had what he called "paratroopers knees " !

This is crap! All these people should be helped and NOT dismissed like they have nothing wrong with them! When these DOCTORS are Miss diagnosing the civilians and giving away our SOCIAL SECURITY money! We have to stand up for OUR people.

Against ALL enemies..foreign..and...domestic. That includes evil, corrupt governments as well!

Against ALL enemies. That includes evil, corrupt governments as well! Maybe arming our homeless veterans might be of some use.

If I ever find myself not knowing what to do my back up plan is to go to a military college. At the military academy in Ottawa along with learning to become a soldier they can teach you a trade as an alternate source of income.


Ask a dumb question. Military men and not simple-minded. They're just really honest.

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In the absence of a plan.God protect our military men and women.

i can't believe I'm living in a world where no one believes in evil...

The sooner the USA accepts that liberalism is a terrible, destructive and hateful way of life the more chance we have of surviving