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3 fall makeup trends that look good on everyone

Mirror the soft touch on your eyes with pale-pink lips. First condition your lips so the products will glide on smoothly. Then apply a pink lip pencil in a semi-matte finish, like Maybelline Lip Studio Color Blur in I'm Blushing!

Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Mask

Cup O' Coffee Face and Body Mask, my absolute favorite face mask from Lush! This smells so amazing. It is great for the coffee addict in me!

Always thank the horse

Appreciation- no matter where d you went to win or just to have some fun you walk out the rind and pat your horse for not killing you because you know he dam well could have!

onesies for horses | Children 4 Horses: Very Latest Equine Fashion - Horse Onesies

Horse Onesies / The onesies were originally created to prevent horses suffering fly irritations and allergies