Use of wild animals banned-Facts about circuses

Use of wild animals banned-Facts about circuses

Shorter life span-Facts about circuses

Shorter life span-Facts about circuses

They sell old elephants-Facts about circuses

Circus Animal Cruelty: Queen The Elephant Dead In Transit-I wish horrible painful deaths to all the people that contributed to this. If you have no compassion then you deserve NONE!

Unmonitored-Facts about circuses

Unmonitored-Facts About Circuses

Exchange of animals-Facts about circuses

Activist claims Lennon Brothers Circus beat their animals

Tuberculosis-Facts about circuses

Studies have shown that there are some elephants in the circus environment that actually have tuberculosis and it is the strain that can be passed onto humans. Thankfully most circuses will not have their elephants tested, so are unaware of this fact.

Elephant hair-Facts about circuses

Some performers believe that they need some kind of lucky charm and for a lot of them that involves carrying around an elephant hair in their pocket. The hair itself also has to come from the tail of the elephant.

Sam Simon-Facts about circuses

The Simpsons co-creator, Sam Simon, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and plans to donate his fortune to vegan causes.

Bad training methods-Facts about circuses

Boycott Ringling Bros Circus and all animal circuses. This is Ringling Bros training a baby elephant.

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