Lemon and ricotta ring cake (ciambellone di limone e ricotta) Light and fluffy while being moist and tasty. Serves: Prep: Cooking: Recipe comes with video demonstration.

Lemon and apricots go really well together and I love adding liqueur to my cake batter. This fluffy cake features sambuca and, typical of Italian desserts, calls for extra virgin olive oil rather than butter.

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These are Italy's best loved cookies. It's always nice to have a stash on hand for a rainy day. You could also try your own flavour combinations, such as cho.

Small, young zucchini are perfect for this vegetarian dish. If you can, try to find those still attached to their golden blossoms – they will make a welcome addition to the light gnocchi sauce.

Italians can't let a day go by without bread. With this focaccia, you want to knead it until it's nice, soft and sticky. After baking, it's topped with stewed onions cooked in red wine.

This is a great throw-together dish for when your cupboards and fridge are erring on the empty side. The pancetta, pecorino and thyme will infuse your soup with a great depth of flavour, while the lentils and pasta will ensure no-one walks away hungry!

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Cannelloni with braised meat

Antonina’s cannelloni with braised meat (cannelloni di Antonina ) recipe : SBS Food

Ricotta, chocolate and cherry tart (crostata con ricotta, cioccolato e ciliege)

This decadent dessert has all your bases covered: buttery pastry, liqueur-spiked ricotta, crowning cherries and a layer of chocolate to boot. If you're making the tart to-go, assemble at your destination so the pastry stays nice and crisp.

Made in Italy - Zucchini gratin (zucchine gratinate)

An impressive recipe of hollowed and stuffed zucchinis. The filling is made up of breadcrumbs, parsley, garlic and cheese. Vegetarians and omnivores will lov.

Savoury white wine and olive oil waffles (pizzelle salate con vino)

Perfect for afternoon tea, these savoury waffles are great served with salami, olives and chunks of pecorino.

Savoury tart with silverbeet (pizza rustica). The pastry is made with olive oil and white wine - no eggs. Filled with a yummy ricotta silverbeet filling. You could sub kale or spinach, and use bacon or pancetta instead of salami. Great picnic or lunch pie. Could also make mini pies in a muffin tin.

Savoury tart with silverbeet (pizza rustica) - Italian Cuisine

Marched Style Lasagna

Lasagne Marche-style (vincisgrassi) praised so much by Silvia. Made in italy by silvia colloca

Like pastry-less pies, these mounds of polenta are filled with a mixture of Italian pork sausage and rapini (broccoli rabe). Crisp on the outside, soft and yielding in the centre, the polenta pouches are delicious served atop a chickpea and vegetable puree.

Baked stuffed polenta (tortino di polenta)

Baked stuffed polenta (tortino di polenta) via SBSFood by Silvia Colloca

Sponge cakes from Castebottaccio (pesche di castelbottaccio)

Sponge cakes from Castebottaccio (pesche di castelbottaccio) - Italian Cuisine

Pasta with fresh beans and potatoes (pasta e fagioli fresche con patate) | Originating from Casa La Rooca in Calibria, South Italy, this dish is not to be mistaken with a popular Italian soup of a similar name which features cannellini or borlotti beans and short pasta. It is also not to be confused with the classic Genovese dish of spaghetti, pesto, green beans and potatoes. Pasta e fagioli fresche con patate is all about fresh ingredients, no canned vegetables allowed.

Pasta with fresh beans and potatoes (pasta e fagioli fresche con patate)

Pasta with fresh beans and potatoes (pasta e fagioli fresche con patate) recipe : SBS Food

Handmade pasta with meat sauce (cavatelli lunghi alla molisana)-Made In Italy with Silvia Colloca

Meaty sauces, like this one, work well with homemade and rolled pastas, as the juices cling to all the crevices. Cavatelli lunghi is a rustic-looking pasta t.

Handmade pasta with zucchini blossom  Made in Italy : SBS Food

Handmade noodles with zucchini blossom and saffron sauce (Maccheroni alla chitarra con fiori di zucca e zafferano)

FARRO & BORLOTTI BEANS Farro soup with beans (zuppa di farro)

Farro soup with beans (zuppa di farro) recipe : SBS Food safari Italian