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Les sabres laser de Star Wars en photo

Because geeks like arguing about things to show off their intellectual superiority (think nerdy peacocks), here's a visual guide to lightsabers so you can prove you're right when arguing with a fellow Star Warser at the bar over a.

Star Wars

I'm not a hardcore Star Wars fan, just know the basics but that is just so FUNNY! I At-Ats

This is the most adorable thing I've ever seen (:

Anakin meets a mini Padme this is the cutest thing ever (say it a lot in fact but still) ooooooowwwww

Star Wars pet

Oh, another bloody Star Wars T-shirt I'm going to have to buy. Ever had a cat bring home a dead thing that it wanted you to have? That's the inspiration behind this shirt, called Cat-At Loves You. Available on Red Bubble.