Crystal Shower Falls is just one natural attraction in New South Wales's Dorrigo National Park, Australia. Boardwalks on the forest floor and the treetop level let visitors experience the rain forest up close.


Anna loves the Aussie bush, read about her in The Con by Gael McCarte. Reading this book is like a trip to without the TSA hassle. The smell of eucalyptus in the air on a hot day cannot be replicated.

12 Apostles near Great Ocean Road

Coast of victoria Australia The rock formations are called the twelve apostles. I will be going to Australia next year to go to the University of Sydney while I am there I will be seeing this.

Australia Australia Australia

Map of Austalia "Sharks with frickin' lasers attached to their frickin' heads!


The Tallest Trees in the British Empire: Marysville, Victoria, Australia. A vintage travel poster illustrated by Percy Trompf,


'Vintage James Northfield Australian Travel Posters Prints - c, The overlapping, gradual change of colours creates a sense of foreground and background. Tall trees and two people on a horse exaggerates the height and beauty of the mountains.


waves have always been a deep rooted fear of mine. Cant tell you how many dreams i have had of huge waves, even before i knew what a tsunami actually was.maybe from a different life.

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