documentation of learning

Calgary Reggio Inspired school provides overview of three elements environment, documentation and emergent/projects.

LEARNING STORIES--this is an interesting idea. Te Whariki New Zealand early childhood curriculum

This shows how to create a learning story as a record of what an educator has seen a child or group of children do during an activity. Great to give to whanau as evidence of a child's learning.

Documentation from Early Excellence in Huddersfield

T-Documentation from Early Excellence. Love seeing different ways to post versus the traditional. Way more eye catching

Reggio way of documentation

Great way to display documentation at Breakwater School Preschool -'Documentation of artwork fall 2008 by Rachel Elizabeth Bingham' (",)

Wonders in Kindergarten: From lines to letters...the co-construction of our Alphabet Wall!

As a way to engage the students at the beginning of the year, I set up a provocation ( invitation to learning ) on exploring lines. I felt t.

Documentation- our ongoing worm investigation. The Sunflower School. #reggio

Love this investigation, the black backing adds to the display : Documentation- an ongoing worm investigation.

Child produced documentation

Children’s discoveries & documentation - photos, layout and writing done by the children