Australian Money Activity Worksheets

A great set of 14 worksheet activities using Australian currency - identifying coin values, identifying note values calculating value of multiple coins,

AUSTRALIAN MONEY PUZZLES.... Includes with coins and add your own coins.... :-)

Printable Money Games Puzzles - Children match the written money amount to the coins and notes.


Australian Money Activity Worksheets

This link provides you with worksheet to help students understand the difference in money values!

Australian money worksheets and centres for math rotations that are differentiated and fun

Australian Money: Australian Coins MEGA Math Unit

Australian coins worksheets and math activities that kids love to learn and practice counting Australian money

Includes Australian money worksheets and posters for grade one students that focus on identifying coins and their values. Students compare and sort in different activities. Click here to find out more:

Australian Money Posters and Worksheets Higher Order Thinking HOTS Grade 1

Kids develop good financial skills, by learning about money at an early age. A good foundation is critical to help them with financial…

Australian Piggy Bank

Community Development Grants provides a collection of resources on government and philanthropic support to build healthy communities.

Australian Money Game More

Australian Money Game

A board game designed to teach early learners about coins and their values. As students roll a dice, they move their counters along the board.

30 pages of ready-to-go printables – different levels will allow for differentiation within your class or continued use throughout the year. Suitable for Year 1 and Year 2.

Australian Money Worksheets Year 1/2

30 Australian money worksheets for Year that require no preparation whatsoever, just print and go. Plenty of variety to keep the children interested and learning. Different levels are included to provide differentiation for your groups.

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