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Greg Dubuque, USA, 2011. Graphite Pencil, Week 1, Eduardo. Beautiful realness is captured in the attention to detail of proportions, structure, tone and overall composition of the illustration. Lightness and shadow have been used with consideration.

Audrey Hepburn is one of the most beautiful women that has ever lived. Not only that, but one of the kindest and most giving. Beautiful inside and out. She was a true role model and inspiration.

Lara Wolf, 2016. Graphite Pencil, Week 1, Eduardo. Extension and distortion play a great role in this piece, with elongation in the neck, and the caving décolletage creating movement and dimension.

Lara Wolf/ Week Eduardo/ Savannah USA/ graphite and black polychromos/ I like the exaggerated gesture of this illustration. I am also drawn to the rough, loose, broken line work which create a dramatic image.

David Theron, South Africa. Graphite Pencil, Week 1, Eduardo. And incredible sense of movement had been depicted, capturing the sitter at 3 different angles as they raise they head to see. Cross hatching creates tone while layered pencil work creates heavy darkness in the hair.

David Theron, charcoal and conté on paper {figurative art male head portrait drawing}

Eugenia Alejos, Barcelona. Mixed Media, Week 5, Eduardo. Collage Illustrations - using materials to create shape around an image. The body is alluded to by sewn fabric that sits around the figure. Brush work creates depth and tone, while lines which are created with stitching foreground the figure and create a sense of body and placement.

Week Mix Media// Eugenia Alejos// I am really intruiged by the use of fabric and stitching in this work and how it suggests the garment. I like the gestural brushstrokes in the background and the very detailed face brought by the photo.

Ashton Fonavar. Mixed Media, Week 5, Eduardo. Fashion collaboration project with photographer Yin Chao has incorporated various aspects of the designer’s work into this series, such as McQueen’s fascination with animals and motion, and the apparent contradiction between strength and fragility.

Vision Magazine Fashion collaboration project with photographer Yin Chao and Editor Ujin Zhao for Chinese fashion magazine Vision. These collages are inspired by the work of the late Lee Alexander.

Esra Røise, 2005/17, Norwegian. Week 4, Gouache, Eduardo. The use of mixed media between the graphite head and the painted gouache coat is extremely effective. The contrast is strong, yet they are balanced when paired together. The realistic portrayal is considerate of proportions and overall compositions. The texture and material of the coat is very much detectable - overall very effective.

Whimsical Illustrations by Esra Røise ! Esra Røise has proved with persistence from childhood to go ahead, he learned of the Einar", "Whimsical Illustrations by Esra Røise