Love the skillion roof with the high row of windows that can be opened to let hot air out during summer

Modern and Beautiful Beach House Plans Modern and Beautiful Beach House Plans Design from Pacific Environments

The new 140mm thick roof consists of polystyrene foam sandwiched between two sheets of Colorbond. It required no beam for the 6m span, resulting in reduced engineering costs and straightforward installation.

*** wood exterior with off white, clerestory windows *** Ranu House by All Australian Architecture

Skillion roof side detailing, neat splash back window in kitchen.

The house is about being able to live inside and outside under one shelter…

skillion roof homes

Upper North Shore record broken with $12 million sale

The roof. The Nest - The roof rakes north to south to admit light without overshadowing the neighbours, In renovating a Melbourne bungalow, Zen Architects considers efficiency and sustainability, as well as the neighbouring aspect.

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