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First Fleet Australia Posters

This resource includes 2 x A3 posters. 1. The First Fleet route2. A comparison of the size of the ships in the First Fleet to a Blue Whale and a basketball court.Australian CurriculuYear 4: Humanities and Social Sciences / History / Year 4 / Historical Knowledge and Understanding / First contacts / ACHHK079Please see preview to view full resource before purchasing.

This terrific IWB resource has been designed to support the teaching of the Unit of Work "First Fleet"" developed by the History Teachers' Association of Australia. Students will develop historical inquiry skills by investigating historical sources relating to the First Fleet. Students examine primary and secondary historical sources to develop an understanding of the First Fleet.

Website reveals secrets of convicts sent to Australia

Convicts being transported To Australia. Australia became the politically expedient safety valve for Britain's overpopulated jails. These were fit to burst after American colonies slammed the door on British deportees after the American War of Independence in 1776. In 1787, the first 11 ships carrying convicts to Australia – known as the First Fleet – set sail for New South Wales, arriving eight months later.

First Fleet Narrative - Year 4 History Unit - At the tender age of eight, chimney sweep Tom Appleby is convicted of stealing and sentenced to deportation to Botany Bay. As one of the members of the First Fleet, he arrives in a country that seemingly has little to offer - or little that the English are used to, anyway. Accompanying worksheets: #ACHHK079

The First Fleet Convicts Who Were They Poster - Printable Picture Theme Flash Cards / Classroom Displays, Teacher Resources :: Teacher Resources and Classroom Games :: Teach This