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Stephanie bellette

Stephanie bellette
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caligy: “ Day 1: Caught It’s still May 18th where I live so I’m not that late…

caligy: “ Day Caught It’s still May where I live so I’m not that late for day In which Maka wants to celebrate with Soul for his new title of “The Last Death Scythe” ”

How to hide things.

I love things that hide things. I especially want that bathtub and the vent/safe. The TV hiding all the other electronics is a great idea, but I'd imagine there'd have to be some kind of sensor in order to work the other stuff.

A summary of the avengers. Clint and Natasha though

avenging-the-tardis: “ gandalf-ate-yoda: “ theavengerscomics: “ a summary of the avengers ” channel ur inner pigeon ” Clint’s doing something weird I can feel it omfg ”

"Then there's Clint." XD bahahahaha!! XD

"Just go to your happy place, Clint." I think Clint may be my favorite right now lol

bbxrae V-day

Price art to ~pizet for winning the bbxrae-society contest -- sorry for my delay i had an ambush by the school with a h. bbxrae V-day

Dear Richard. 2 by *Colours07 on deviantART ~~asdfghjkl;KJHGFDSDFGhjkl THE FEELS

Part [link] It was a very long comic strip so I had to separate it into two parts.