Aqua Boost Shampoo/ Conditioner / Treatment / Leave-in Conditioner For naturally dry or hard hair, the Aqua Boost range is designed to soften the hair's natural inner protein and add moisture to the cuticle allowing it to open and close making the hair more pliable. Designed for everyday use, the Aqua Boost Shampoo can also be used prior to a colour or perm service on hard, grey hair allowing the cuticle to open naturally.

When our bodies experience extreme stress or shock our hair growth signals get blocked resulting in our hair growing less well. We recommend an intensive conditioner, like, Power Build Conditioner is used. Its formula includes organic sunflower seed extracts and natural wheat protein to reduce damage leaving your hair strengthened, smooth and shiny while improving colour retention.

Aqua Boost Shampoo is designed to soften hair by softening the hair’s inner protein, allowing it to have the natural stretch needed for exceptional colour. This in turn will release the cuticle, allowing it to open more easily. It is ideal for hair that is low in moisture. Aqua Boost Shampoo is rich in natural moisturisers and conditioners, to care for dry hair. The 250 ml size is a perfect retail addition for the salon which prides themselves on the quality of their colour results.

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For healthy, bouncy, natural-looking curls. OCS Think Curl is a unique perming system which gently softens the inner structure of the hair, for a non-damaging and healthier curling process. The natural wheat proteins, soy and corn ingredients support strength, whilst conditioning and moisturising. #noammonia #nothioglycolates #ocsaustralia

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