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vintage circus

vintage everyday: Breathtaking Vintage Photos of Scary Circus Performances You May No Longer to be Seen


Giant, Jack Earl, stands over the midget, Tiny Mite on a circus lot. A big top tent can be seen in the background. Circus World Museum say it's a stabbing pain???

"Never Get Stuck on a Knife Thrower." "She was the Mona Lisa of the flying daggers / & she lost her last target man you ran away /& joined the circus / /Her number one fan The lion tamer tried to warn you /she’s Trouble with a capital T.

late 1800s:  One man band

A one-man band is a musician who plays a number of instruments simultaneously using their hands, feet, limbs, and various mechanical and/or .

Circus act, late 1800s photo postcard

antique cabinet photo from victorian age Gustavo Arcaris and Kate .Knife Throwing in their circus act.Please dont try this at Home

Small bathroom

Too pretty for a laundry/mudroom? Small bathroom powder room in photography studio with enamel basin sink and wood countertop from Remodelista