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Having a bad day get on your dirt bike and ride everything will fee lbetter.

Having a bad day.get on your sports quad and ride everything will fee better! I need to ride.

...aaand a 6 wheel moster truck

monster mud trucks Have you seen this Ford monster truck before?

Australian firm is offering cars and motorbikes with real diamonds and crystals,It took a long process to developed the process of mixing real diamonds with a crystal mix to create a sparkling finish

Billionaire Saudi prince Al waleed bin talal owns an exclusive handmade diamond Ducati motorcycle, with cost estimated at about dollars!

Mustang Fastback from Fast  Furious Tokyo Drift

'The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift': 1967 Ford Mustang - Photos - 'Fast and Furious' cars: Top rides from the first five movies

Nissan GT-R Nismo, the fastest GT-R ever - The news, articles, reviews, comments, prices of cars and motorbikes.

Nissan Wants a Faster GT-R with Nismo, Leaked Video of GT-R Testing Reveals it Might be the Fastest Car Ever - International Business Times