Colourbond cladding for exterior extension at balcony rather than brick

The roof. The Nest - The roof rakes north to south to admit light without overshadowing the neighbours, In renovating a Melbourne bungalow, Zen Architects considers efficiency and sustainability, as well as the neighbouring aspect.

I like how the deck is even with the flooring in the home. Perfect transition. Contemporary House on Australia’s Ocean Coast

Contemporary House on Australia's Ocean Coast

desire to inspire - - Louise Nettleton Architects

Foxground House - Architecture Gallery - Australian Institute of Architects, The Voice of Australian Architecture

qld1 Huge Acreage For This Australian Home on the Market

This rural home is an unbelievable design that offers up a huge, five bedroom open plan on almost 50 acres of land in Queensland, Australia. This beautiful spot features plenty of glazing and natural light to create an airy, natural feel throughout.

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