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Pallet doggy dining table want to make this and put a drawer for dog food storage inside!

20140316 172241 Pallet doggy dining table in pallet furniture.just need it a little shorter.

DIY: Dog Food Bowl Stand. Made out of pallets!

A dog water and food bowl holder, made to appeal to the larger dogs of our…

I like the idea of this dog feeder. Not only because of it’s stylish design and the fact that raised bowls are better for your dogs. I like it that it comes with a drawer underneath that you can store food, treats or your dog’s toys. An especially nice feature for dog lovers with limited space.

Dog feeder, totally a diy project in our future. Stylish design meets raised bowls (better for tall/big dogs). Tge drawer underneath to store food, treats or dogs toys is ingenious! An especially nice feature for dog lovers with limited space.

want this bed!!!

Royal Fortune Montepsan Bed by Fabulous & Baroque based in Austin. I love this style bed!

wow look at that view....

Love the view the table setting, and the chandelier! That's al so beautiful!

so beautiful....

Urban Grace Interiors: Fantastic sunroom design with ocean view, mushroom linen settee, brass accent tables .

Frame your favorite wedding photos and mementos for a wall collage dedicated to your "Big Day"!

Create a memorable photo collage with IKEA picture frames! Use the UNG DRILL frame in the center as a main focus and surround it with precious memories.

I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar: Master Bedroom FINAL REVEAL with Chip It!

After a couple of months of pulling things together, the Master Bedroom is finally finished! I am so excited to share it with you.

mounted magnet boards from IKEA in series and then used mighty bits magnets to secure random prints and proofs on them. we can post bunches of our favorite images and switch them out and around whenever we feel like it

mounted magnet boards from IKEA used for photo arrangement. I love this idea.

Pring BIG. You will not regret. Thanks Tara Whitney for this inspiration.

Well Hung series by Tara Whitney.