Great tip! Hang Eucalyptus in your shower. The steam releases many beneficial oils and it smells amazing too!

Eucalyptus in the shower

Steam shower with eucalyptus. Tie eucalyptus leaves to your shower head. Eucalyptus is a natural decongestant. When you take a hot bath or shower, the steam will release the eucalyptus oils.

olive trees, gravel and grass

(native gardening) Gorgeous mix of Mediterranean and California native plants in this low-water landscape designed by Arleen Ferrara of Satori Garden Design. Looks like a watercolor painting! @ its-a-green-life

Artera Landscape: Finalist in Gardenista's Considered Design Awards

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Earth Sculptors: Arterra Landscape Architects on Paul Goldberger, Antonio Gaudí, and “The Painterly Approach” - Architizer

Monbulk Garden natives with contrasting foliage and free form

The Monbulk garden

Shirley Carn's Monbulk garden in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, Australia. A beautiful example of an Australian native plant garden.

Scleranthus biflorus Clumping Australian native, although not actually a grass it grows in attractive mounds of what looks like a bright green moss. Ideal as a ground cover in rockeries and on steep banks. Prefers a full sun position, requires well drained soil and needs%...

Australian native 'Scleranthus biflorus' clumps in appearance of bright green moss. Ideal as a ground cover in rockeries and on steep banks, preferably in a well drained, full sun position

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