Australians. I looked all these up and it is true, even the fish penis show < haha poor non Aussies. Think we're mad ;)

Australians Will Get This

itsstuckyinmyhead: “Australian Photoset more? LiberTea photoset Battle Of the Countries Canada photoset ” I live in Australia and all of this is true! Though our possums can be really.

How do you pronounce that?! Thanks to Meanwhile in Australia (FB)

Don't forget the cry of Aussie Aussie Aussie, in a crowd. There will be a shout out of Oi Oi Oi. Of at least one Aussie!

On doing the washing: | 47 Times Australians Were The Funniest People On Tumblr In 2016

On doing the washing:

"Without sausage sizzles, Australia would literally collapse and turn into Mad Max.

You know you're Australian when:

But okay, seriously, I have badly burned my feet before by walking on a road without shoes. Fucking Aus summers are made to kill

Melbourne Vs. Sydney : A comparison between the world's most liveable city and the world's best city ... some awesome info here!

The Sydney vs Melbourne rivalry only seems to grow more intense each day. But what is it really all about? It’s obviously about more than just footb

You say 'Straya instead of Australia.

33 Ways You Know You're Australian

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