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He will! #hypnobirthing #birth #affirmation

He will! #hypnobirthing #birth #affirmation

My world was turned around when you arrived Aubrey You have taught me so many things in life patience, love, how to care for you I never in a million years thought that It would be the best feeling in the world & yet so rewarding I love You my baby Mommy will always love you!!

One of the best summarizations of what it is like to become a mother.i❤️our babies! **I'd make a couple I was ready to be a mother and each of our boys were planned. Our babies were all over 8 pounds!

Birth without Fear

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If you've ever given birth or seen a woman give birth, you know this is true!

This Will Not Last Forever Birth Affirmations

This Will Not Last Forever Birth Affirmations - Printable

my baby will come

Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but it can also be anxiety-producing. Here are some tips to help you ease anxiety during pregnancy.

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Birth Affirmations are typically positive words and phrases that talk about pregnancy, labor, and birth in a way that is intended to help the expecting mom's su

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