Help Me Pimp My Amby!!!

I drive the most fabulous car: the iconic Indian classic AMBASSADOR! What could make possibly it MORE fabulous? A psychedelic Indian-themed paint job! Help me find the inspiration I need to get the job done right, nothing offensive, just good clean, crazy fun (like me!). Im looking for great, trippy stand-alone graphic elements--no people or characters. Be my muse, pin your ideas here!!!!!!
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My Ambi Now (boring)

My Ambi Now (boring)

Cali style!

Goodbye VW camper van -- In Brazil, the last Volkswagen camper van recently rolled off the only assembly line still building it. First introduced in the VW panel van was the company’s second vehicle model, the first being the venerable Beetle.

Herman Miller had some cool ideas (obviously NOT the sofa!!)

Nelson Marshmallow Sofa by Keiichi Tananmi, part of Herman Miller's "Then X Ten: The Power of the Poster" exhibit.

Something perhaps a little like this (this Scorpio is from up north)

Art on wheels: Lucknow boys' painted car draws fans wherever it goes

My Ambi Now (boring)

My Ambi Now (boring)

Maybe some jali detailing somewhere?

CeciStyle Magazine Get The Look - There’s no easier way to make a graphic statement than by going black and white

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