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Speech Sound Pics (SSP) 4 or 6 Hour Teacher/ TA/ Learning Support / PD Workshop with the Reading Whisperer


Read Write Inc Set 1 - Find Fred

This pack includes all the sounds and words for Set 3 sounds as in the Read Write Inc Speed Sounds Book. How to play Play as a group or in pairs. Players close or cover their eyes. Adult or chosen child hides one of the frog (Fre...


ssp-phonics-readers-free-decoding-booklet-for-print-and-whiteboard-use by Read Australia via Slideshare

1 List of green and red words from Read Write Inc (RWI) with pronunciation

Fred is a frog who can say and read words only as pure sounds. We've put together some 'Fred Games' for parents to support their children when they are learning how to blend pure sounds into words.