Billie Macginley

Billie Macginley

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Could be done with recycled magazine paper too. (This site has other Easter and spring ideas for kids as well).

Once baked, salt dough can last for years, making these Easter egg ornaments a wwonderfully cheap way of decorating for Easter. With a bit of clear varnish, they can even be hung outside! Amy Christie explains how to make them. Why not get the kids to help you decorate them, for personal, memory-filled decorations that you can bring out year after year?

Before you leave take a favor...See ya later, Alligator -Party Favor Sign I made for my sister's alligator baby shower - To see more ideas go to

Jake and The Neverland Pirates. Games ideas. Walk the Plank. Tic toc the Crocodile. We had a blast keeping away from the alligators!

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