Kurrajong is an Australian Bottle Tree with masses of dangly pink flowers, lush foliage,odd fat trunk.looks great year round.slightest breeze made the shiny leaves rustle.undemanding, zones 9-11, thrives in full sun and most any soil, is frost hardy,drought tolerant. popular street tree, it can grow 30' tall, develops quickly to make a statement in a small garden, doesn't have an aggressive root system. Landscapers love it. happy in a container spectacular bonsai. Easy from seed.

For the side near Janet's? With crushed gravel, and some kind of border between the grass n gravel

Modern Contemporary Australian Native Zen Garden - Turramurra, North Shore Sydney. Materials - Railway Sleepers, River Pebbles, Sandstone boulders, Stepping stones. Grass trees, lillypillies, westringia, native grasses

Acacia genistifolia is a small to medium Australian native shrub with narrow, pointed foliage. Fluffy, cream to pale yellow flowers are produced in late Summer to Spring.

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