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Pathifery/Emotional Projection/Empathic Reality Manipulation: The user manipulates reality not through conscious thoughts or words, but through their base feelings and emotions. One with this ability can induce occurrences and abilities based on their feelings, and simply wanting something to happen badly enough. But because of their own power, they might have a down-side effect for the very user of this ability being unaware that they possess such a power.

It went in through my hand. Hannah went and hugged me and yelled at him. I looked at my hand. I was one of them. ((I'm the girl who gets the random magic in her hand))

New Japanese Technology 4 New Japanese Technology

iammikewilson: “ The HAL exoskeleton from Cyberdyne. “ This week Cyberdyne unveiled a robotic exoskeleton called HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) that allows its wearer to carry superhuman loads while.

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Technology on ceiling of sleep capsule - after she comes back from the forest, just before she leaves again

I'm hoping to have a character with this ability in my book.

Henry - dark and powerful. The power within seems to crackle around him conjuring the image of him being filled with power. Power to control earth, fire, wind and water

The girl never told anyone about her gift. She didn't say anything. She couldn't. Her voice was the price of her powers and for the sake of the world, it was a price she had to pay.

See like this, what do you think this girls story is. How did she get her powers? Pictures like this are excellent writing prompts


❤ "When you help or love another, you create an energy that vibrates throughout the universe. This energy vibration of love flows and connects us all and as it flows out it returns back to you. So what you do to or for another, you do to and for yourself.