Becky Northey

Becky Northey

In the wilds / Becky Northey is co-founder of Pooktre. We have a repeatable process of growing trees into amazing design shapes. Check out our book at
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WEEPING FIG IN MEXICO Tree shaped like this are really starting to up all over the world now. Pasted

This is a tree that has been missrepresented on Pinerest as the work of another artist, and even the concept method inaccurate. The actual artist asked me to correct this, and sent evidence to it's accuracy. This tree is called a Pooktre and was shaped by Becky Northey and her life partner, Peter Cook. Great job, guys. Look for more ot their work.

Axel Erlandson's Tree Circus. The only way to achieve this level of accuracy from a drawn design to shaping the tree is to use the gradual method of tree shaping

This is one of Axel Erlandson's Circus trees with his wife Leona. His trees are most famously known as Circus trees around the world.

A representation drawing of Richard Reames's living bench chair. This is a group of trees bent into a bench using an Instant method aka Arborsculpture method of shaping trees as described in Richard Reames's books How to grow a chair and Arborsculpture

One of Dan Ladd's Lattice Trees. From reading Dan Ladd's page he used a few different techniques to achieve his trees.