desk for clark and harry

My coffee table is a big old wooden shipping crate, with wonderful texture and rustic details like. The original wood lid, complete wit.

The Australian Outback.

Simpson Desert Australian Outback tagalong tours Australia - New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

cot for tent

Part underground refuge, part desert oasis, few properties delve as deep into the Australian Outback as the Desert Cave Hotel.

Jarrah trees native to Australia

Jarrah trees native to Australia

rock formation

Dev The Devils Marbles in the central Australian desert of the Northern Territory.

Concept Statement: Rough Times

Family of sharecropper Bud Fields of Hale County Alabama in the Summer of Fortune Magazine had sent James Agee and Walker Evans to cover conditions of American sharecroppers during Dustbowl years in the South.

1700s Felon ship hold

Caged convicts on a ship bound for Australia. The average journey time to the penal colony was 102 days

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