The Royal wedding is seen on display as part of the "VisitBritain" tourism campaign at Circle Quay in Sydney, Australia

Dynamic 3D art

Art Amazing Sidewalk Chalk Royal Wedding Pavement Art by British street artist Joe Hill art Chalk art

Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia

Federation Square - perfect place to hang out in the sun, listen loud music from the big screen or have a look to the street artists.

The Spheres, better known locally as The Mall's Balls.

The Spheres, better known locally as The Mall's Balls in Adelaide, South Australia Adelaide is the second best Capital city (after Perth and Brisbane:) )

The Rundle Mall Pigs.Adelaide, South Australia.

Rundle Mall Pigs, Adelaide, Australia Who let the pigs out? If you visit Rundle Mall in Australia you might be asking the same exact question when you see the sculptures of 4 bronze pigs running amok.