Have fun creating a rug from the Marle Collection with three dynamic designs to choose from: Tuck, Fold and Pleat | See more from www.armadillo-co.com

Armadillo&Co - Hand woven, Fair trade, sustainable rugs

Camellia Rug

Circles of soft hemp gather together to create a posy, celebrating the lovely Camellia flower’s even, concentric petals. Made from Bangladeshi Hemp.

Nest Awning Stripe Rug

Armadillo&Co Nest Weave Awning Stripe - Charcoal & Natural - Standard size rugs - Browse by rug type

Serengeti Entrance Mat

Armadillo&Co Serengeti Weave - Entrance Mats - Armadillo&Co Rugs

Marle Collection. Design your own. Choose from over 40 Marle Colours | armadillo-co.com

Armadillo&Co - Hand woven, Fair trade, sustainable rugs

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I like the wide surface on the pedestal sink because it allows you to rest things on it.

India Hicks , daughter of famed interior designer David Hicks, is probably best known for her amaz.

French Mirror Natural

Bounce light around your home with one of our new magic mirrors, the French Mirror. Approximately diameter.

With Sabrina Soto, host of <i>The High Low Project</i>, </i>HGTV Magazine</i> pulled together some dynamic duos with drastically different price tags.

The High/Low Shopping List

Chinoiserie Chic: The Pagoda Mirror

Mary McDonald If you are lucky enough to have a pagoda mirror, whether vintage or new, don't be afraid to paint it any color you wish.

Antique mirror. French mirror. Faux bamboo. Black. Vintage mirror. Faux bamboo…

Bamboo mirror - Vintage mirror, faux bamboo mirror, French mirror, Faux bamboo, Black, French vintage, Wall mirror, Bamboo frame, 1950s, D82

Bonjour, A stunning antique mirror with a faux-bamboo frame in black finish. Hanging hardware included, ready to mount. This lovely antique mirror

Brooke Shields at Home in New York Photos | Architectural Digest

Brooke Shields’s Luxurious Townhouse in New York City

Brooke Shields’s Manhattan home. The actress collaborates with decorator David Flint Wood on a New York townhouse redolent with family memories.