Short video on the Gurindji walk off at Wave Hill which led to the first Aboriginal Land Rights act.

Gurindji tribal elder Vincent Lingiari leads 200 Aboriginal workers off their jobs at the Wave Hill cattle station to protest low wages and starts an Aboriginal land rights movement.

Mr. Lingiari: In Kalkaringi, and around Australia, he is remembered as a great man who demanded wages, then land, and after a long fight won a battle for and with his people. The leader of the Gurindji during the Wave Hill Station "walk off" of stockmen and their families, a trailblazer for indigenous Australians. 1966. (First name, Vincent, not used above in attempt to respect Aboriginal naming customs for the deceased).

Vincent Lingiari Content note: Please be aware that this post contains names and images of Indigenous Australian people who are or may be now deceased. Come gather round, people, / I’m gonna tell.

Vincent Lingiari (left) and Donald Nangiari - Two elders of the Gurindji tribe who visited capital cities in 1971 to campaign for Aboriginal land rights. Leaders of the Wave Hill Walk Off Mob.

Exploring Democracy · Vincent Lingiari · Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House

This was probably the first time Gurindji people had seen their name for themselves written down.

Civil Rights - Wave Hill Walk Off NMA website to do activity.

ABC Splash - Video Clip - The Wave Hill Walk-Off. What do you know of the events that resulted in Gurindji Elder Vincent Lingiari leading a walk-off of 200 Aboriginal workers and their families, mostly of the Gurindji people, from the vast Wave Hill cattle station in August 1966? They were protesting against poor pay and working conditions. Soon, however, this strike developed into a long-term campaign beginning of one of the most important changes in Australia's modern history.

The Wave Hill walk-off: more than a wage dispute - History Visit Wattie Creek at Wave Hill station in It is two years into the historic strike known as the 'Wave Hill walk-off' led by the Aboriginal Elder Vincent Lingiari.

On 23 August 1966: Vincent Lingiari leads Gurindji, Malgnin, Warlpiri, Mudburra, Ngarinman and Bilinari people off the Wave Hill station in strike over poor conditions. The Gurindji Strike (Wave Hill Walk-off) lasts for seven years, and marks the beginning of the Indigenous land rights movement.  National Library of Australia, image vn6155160

Gurindji strike (or Wave Hill Walk-Off) led by Vincent Lingiari

A Handful of Sand

An historic handful of dirt: Whitlam and the legacy of the Wave Hill Walk-Off

Wave Hill Walk Off by the Gurindji people lead by Vincent Lingiari.  Gough Whitlam poured the local sand into Vincent Lingiari's hands, symbolically handing the Wave Hill station back to the Gurindji people nine years later, Wattie Creek, NT / Mervyn Bishop

An image of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam pours soil into the hands of traditional land owner Vincent Lingiari, Northern Territory by Mervyn Bishop

Wave Hill walk-off | Right Wrongs

Wave Hill walk-off

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