bob lipsett
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K-8 LOVED it! Gr8 cardio game. Will last all period. Full class starts with 4 gator balls.

Swamp Ball- 2 dodgeball teams, "swamp" (mat or maybe giant paper?) sits near the back of each team's half of the gym, if tagged by a ball you must go to the other team's swamp, the way out of the swamp is for a team member to throw a ball to you & you catch it, but no stepping out of the swamp to do so, play continues until all members of a team are in the swamp of the other team

Crows & Cranes - students are split into 2 equal teams - the crows & the cranes; both stand on opposite sides of the center line, caller calls out either "crows" or "cranes", whichever one is called must run to safety while the other tries to tag them, once tagged you join that team, play continues until all players are on one team